About me

Hi, my dear readers! My name is Linda, I am Spanish girl. I decided to open this blog to share my emotions and to meet new friends all over the world. You may think, its stupid idea to look for friends here. But why not? Globalization made our world closer. Most things that we thought located so far, became closer. I believe, that we can find good people  in the Internet and meet them one day. 😉 As far as I am traveling a lot, for me its a very good option. )

I will try to show you my life experiences, my emotions through short stories, which I will try to make very interesting for you. And you please write me if you want to hear something special about me.

What do I do in my life

As you might understand already, I work as Dubai escort and I think its a good profession to discover the world. You may blame me for this, but let me explain you first. Working as call girl gives me a very good opportunity to travel all over the world, to see new continents, countries, meet new interesting and rich people. So I make my personal world wider. Who of you can tell me that you have been in USA, UAE, Germany, UK for their own pleasure without spending to much money and efforts? I own my life, I can do anything I like. That’s the real life!

What do I like?

As its written in song: “Diamonds are the best girl’s friends”. I like luxury life style with expensive things around me. But I don’t like to use them for my own. I always share all what I have with my good friends.

I like traveling, I visited a lot of nice places, historical, modern and ancient.

I like cars. Mercedes is my the most favorite brand. I like classical style in cars. I think everything in car should be laconically gathered together by good sense of taste. I like black cars. So if you want to take my heart away for some hours – invite me to take a test drive in your new Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

by Lonely Escort